Sunday, 7 August 2011

William Potter

Hi to all of you Crafty people out there in BlogLand.

Simon here once again. I've been isolated in my secure box for some time now, but this week I was allowed out so that I could take the rest of the family for  '... a fun day out!' Fun is relative - getting out into society is quite a treat for me, but Penni and the boys wanted more than that!!

We went to the Potteries near to Stoke-on-Trent and visited some of the local working museums. Whilst there we saw several demonstrations, including one on how to produce pots on a potter's wheel. William (age 9, I think?!?) decided that he wanted to have a go - the video below (filmed by Edward and edited by me) shows the result. I recommend that you turn up your sound / speakers before viewing for maximum effect!!

Please be aware that William didn't even know what a potter's wheel was before we got there and so I don't think that he did too badly. What do you think?

Oh well - it's time for me to get back in my box. There will be plenty of time for me to contemplate my next little outing into the exciting world of 'reality'.

Keep Smiling - it confuses everyone!!!!

Stay Happy.



Unknown said...

Hi Simon and William,
Came by to see William's pot but sadly there is no piccy visible.
I'll try and pop back later to have another look.
Dawn x

KimberleyG said...

Great job on the video. I bet he had a lot of fun.

Penni, I just noticed your magazine publication. Looks good. Congratulations.

Mandy said...

Great video,well done William fabulous pot,I've only had a go once and ended up with both a mess on me the floor and the pot was a mess to,so well done you....
Mandy x

Lorraine said...

What a lovely video and he did a great job with his pot. Well done, William.