Thursday, 13 October 2011

William's Craft Space .... Ship

Hi  Everyone

I don't have a card to show you today, but I do want to show you a fabulous project that William (aged 9) has made for school.  

He came home from school a couple of weeks ago and said that, as part of the Space Project he was doing, he had to build a rocket or a spaceship - oh yes, and he added that he wanted his to fly!!!!  OMG PANIC PANIC - how on "Earth" are we (meaning William and his dad!) going to build a spaceship that flies?!?! 

Well, with a little help from dad, a good hunt on the internet and a rummage through my craft stash this is what they came up with - Blue Peter (a British kid's programme which has been making models of almost everything using only old washing up liquid bottles and sticky backed plastic for the past 50 years !!) has got nothing on us LOL !!!

It took a couple of weekends to construct using paper, card, double sided tape, papier mache, a wire coat hanger, Duct tape, paint, glitter, grit, fishing line and plenty of glue.

He is really pleased with the result of all his hard work, and I am really proud of him.

I'm sure he'd love to know what you think.  

Thanks for stopping by today.



Kreativmonster said...

This is really marvellous! Give m´him my big and honest compliments!
Big Hugs

Claire said...

Now that is one cool spaceship... and it fly's... well done to William.
Lets hope you get top marks, you deserve them.
I think maybe you should get mum and dad to help build a rocket too it would look cool sat on the planet !!
Claire x

Peggy said...

How cool is that !!! It's soooo great, and I'm sure it will be the nummer one of the class!!


Di said...

Absolutely great - love the way it's flying, very clever. And I agree, it certainly deserves to win top marks - have you checked if there are any 'crafty' challenges that William could enter it for as well? :)) Di xx

Stressed Stamper said... remember the tracey island days on BP....fantastic...hope he wins a you need to make a few more for around his room and make a landing strip...rocket - from a fairy bottle...and it is nearly xmas a candle coat hanger thing with tinsel on.....
Sarah x

Mrs A. said...

Your son certainly deserves a Blue Peter badge for his space creation.
And it Flies!!! Well done.
Hugs Mrs A.

KimberleyG said...

Great job William! Reminds me of the space ships from the original Star Wars and Battleship Galactica.

Sam said...

Wow William. This looks really great! I hope that you enjoyed making it as much as I have enjoyed seeing it. Well done !!! Sam.

Caroljenks said...

I also thought of Blue Peter's infamous 'Tracey Island' as soon I saw's amazing! Tell them a HUGE well done from me xxx

Carol x

Lorraine said...

Wow, that's a really cool spaceship, William! Love all of the details you added to your project!