Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Zee And Zoey - True Valentines

The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey : A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary is an absolutely fabulous literary chronicle of the lives of author Deborah Barnes and her pets. The main characters are Zee, a large male Maine Coon cat, and Zoey, a high-spirited female Bengal cat. There are stories about Deborah’s other cats and dogs, but Zee and Zoey are, undoubtedly, the stars of the book.

It is obvious from the start that Zee and Zoey have an extremely close and loving relationship which grows stronger as they progress through the twisting corridors of life. Their lives are shared; their highs and lows are shared; their time is shared; their human companions are shared; they even share a litter of kittens.

As Zee and Zoey proceed through life, Deborah Barnes comes to realise that their lives appear to mirror her own personal situations. She uses these experiences to describe and compare the crazy yet adventurous trials and tribulations that life throws at us all and encourages us to embrace the extraordinary parts of our own “ordinary” lives.

Her writing is honest, open, descriptive and humorous. She manages to intertwine the lives of Zee and Zoey with her own, highlighting the many similarities between people and their animal companions. The extensive photographs and illustrations in the book serve to enhance the readers’ experience and perfectly depict the true meaning of what it is to be a cat.

This is the ideal book for all cat lovers, as well as being the perfect read for those who haven’t yet realised that they are cat lovers! A story about life and love, companionship and supportiveness, the “ordinary” and the “extraordinary”.

Thank you Deborah for my 'personal' copy.

About Deborah Barnes
Deborah currently resides in South Florida with her fiancé Dan and their seven beautiful cats. Following a sudden life changing event she decided to follow her dream of becoming an author and used the relationship of her cats as inspiration for her first book The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey : A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary.

You can visit her website at http://www.zeezoey.com
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Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey said...

Penni –

Thank you so much for this lovely review of my book! And the timing could not be better, as this story is about love on so many different levels. The love between Zee and Zoey, the love between humans and cats, and the love of life and the lessons we learn because of our pets. I also like how you indicate that this book is ideal for those cat lovers that don’t realize they are cat lovers yet!! I have heard that numerous times and it does my heart good! I love it when I can get someone to recognize the joys of a cat and am so happy that you are helping me spread the word!