Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hi Everyone

Today, I would like to introduce you to a new member of our family.....

 This is Robert Redfurred aka Red 

He's my new Maine Coon Kitten.  As I'm sure you already know, we already have one Maine Coon, Orion (as well as Thomas a Bengal and Erin a Savannah!), but as any Maine Coon owner will tell you, one Maine Coon just isn't enough.....

After much persuasion (and it really did take a lot), I managed to convince hubby that we really did need another Maine Coon.  Now, I thought that persuading hubby would be the difficult job, but as it turned out that was the easy bit.  I didn't want any Maine Coon!!!  I wanted a Red Male Maine Coon and finding one proved to be quite difficult.  After much searching I found the right one, and he came home last Friday.

Travelling Home

He has settled in really well.  Thomas, Erin and Orion were a little upset at the new arrival.  However, after just 4 days both Thomas and Orion are happy to play with him and Orion has even been caught grooming Red.  Erin on the other hand is still none too pleased.  I am sure she will be fine, she just needs a little longer to come to terms with having a new baby in the house !!!

As for hubby...

Well, I think he's smitten !!!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you like Red.



Annette said...

He is adorable. Any time you want a baby-sitter, I'll be there.

Create With Joy said...

Dear Penni,

Thanks for sharing the update with us - I couldn't help but tweet it out!

LOVE Red and am so glad that at least 2/3 of your feline household has come around. The photo of Red and your husband is awesome!

You know, I will be expecting WEEKLY (if not more frequent) updates on Red and the rest of the felines, now that there's a baby coonie in the house!

Hope you are having fun with your new boy!

Hugs from your friends at

Create With Joy

Pat N. said...

Oh wow, Red is a beautiful cat! Love his "offical" name; what a great play on words! Our 3rd born kitty was proudly named Calbert J. Frockingham, III, but we just call him Bert!

Da Dude said...

Did the cat choose you or did you choose the cat. Cats are finicky sometimes. LOL

Have a great Feline Friday weekend!


Jody J said...

Hi Penni, I am Jody. I have just been MIA for health reasons, it is very nice to have you on board with us. You have a very beautiful cat, I am glad he chose you, lol! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

God bless,

Jim said...

Red sure did find a nice home!!

I never did hear of a coon cat before but I will Google them now.

Andrea said...

I am surprised nobody has commented on the awesome name you chose for him ... so very clever and definately appropriate for such a handsome boy. He is beautiful and you knew Hubby would love him ... who could help. Adorable post ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Sandee said...

He's a handsome boy indeed. Your husband is cute too.

Have a terrific Feline Friday. ☺

Anonymous said...

We love Maine Coons! He's adorable! Maggie P. is a polydactyl Maine Coon.

Patricia said...

I had a Maine Coon, Henry. He was the sweetest good natured cat ever. I had him for 16 years...I miss him.

Helena said...

What a majestic looking breed indeed. His ears stand magnificent on such a small cutesy face. I've no doubt he'll be adoRED forever!

Kathe W. said...

what a sweetie! Love that cat!