Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Red Update

If you're looking for my Midweek Magnolia Challenge Post, you can find it HERE


Well, Red really has settled in a treat.  All my other cats love him and Orion is very proud of his new pal ...

Red is a very busy kitten, he spends lots of time playing and chasing anything that moves !!!!
Of course, this means he has to spend time re-charging his batteries...

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Michie Scott said...

so cutie,visiting for wordless wednesday
new GFC follower
hope you can visit mine too Wordless Wednesday

Create With Joy said...

Orion looks gorgeous in this photo! He looks like he is saying "Don't forget - I am STILL king of this castle!"

Red looks like such a sweetheart when he sleeps!

I went to a cat show this weekend and met a Korat cat. The owner invited me to hold the cat and when he took Valentine out of his cage, Valentine instantly came over to me and crawled up on my chest! He curled up in a little ball and fell asleep! He was so cozy that when the owner got a call to show another cat, he just left my husband and I and the cat sitting there with Valentine (who obviously had no intentions of being disturbed) while he showed!

Such a cool and unexpected experience!

Create With Joy

skylife said...

Love love love those cats...Oh my - they are soo fluffy and soft...and I wanna hug and squeeze and hug and squeeze some more LOL

You have really awesome pals but the sleeping beauty...he's one really gorgeous young man!

Mojca said...

Waw both so pretty!!! I love cats, had one for 10 years, but had to put him to sleep last year :( When I moved in to flat, my boyfriend doesn't allow me to have one, he says cats aren't for flats grrrr ... :))) hugs! MOjca

Create With Joy said...

In need of a cat fix in a major way! How is sweet Red, Orion, Thomas and Erin? Mama Cat needs to post a cat update in a major way - lol!

Hope you are well! :-)

Vicky said...

Aww they are magnificent cats, so very regal!! thanks for posting piccies of them

hiigs Vicky xx