Monday, 27 July 2009

Please Help Me !!!


I am interested in purchasing the Imagepac Daylight System for creating my own stamps. However, before spending such a large amount of my hard earned money, I wondered whether anyone out there has experience of this system, or knows somebody who has experience.

Is it worth the money?

Is it easy to use?

Is the final result worthwhile?

Also, are there any other systems available that you would recommend instead of this one?

If you can, please help!!!




Penny said...

Did you see yet??? You won the mouse stamp set from Simon Says!!! COngratulations! That's such a cute stamp set:)

Susan said...

Sorry, I know nothing about the Imagepac but just wanted to say Congratulations, I noticed your win for those lovely stamps on Simon Says! Well done you!

Nikola said...

I'm sorry i can't give any info the the machine i'm getting my stamps made in america, it's at lot of money though. i wish you all the best take care and happy crafting.

Teri said...

Hi Penni :o)

The only person I know that has used this system - a lot! - is Anne. Have a look at this post

This is a stamp she made of her son ... and it's how I 'met' her. I just thought it was beautiful.

Anyway ..... Anne is a lovely lady and I am sure she will give you all the info you need. Please don't hesitate to contact her. I couldn't find her contact details on her blog, but you can get the email from one of our challenge blog posts here ....

Teri xxx

Adele said...

Hi Penni, have a word with Nikki from DewDrop Craftz, she will be able to answer any questions you have I am sure!

love Dingle.x