Thursday, 1 September 2011

Penni's New Baby

Hi Everyone ... Simon here again.

Today is the day that I promised to get rid of the remaining rubbish from Penni's clearout - sorry, the Candy that you were all hoping to win!

Well, I can confirm that that winner is ...

Congratulations Carol. If you Email me your full postal address I will ask the dustmen to drop the bag off with you next time they are passing !!

The reason for the enforced tidy-up was the result of a slight misunderstanding between myself and my long-suffering wife ...

... I came home one day and Penni excitedly announced to me that there would soon be the patter of tiny feet around the house, as there had already been twice before. Naturally, I was a little bit concerned and very surprised but decided (in private) that this would explain her mood swings and increasing waistline.

Being the kind, caring and wonderful person that I am I decided that I would try to be useful around the house - I raised my feet when Penni was vacuuming near me so that nothing was missed, I stayed out late so that I didn't create too much mess at home and I cleared away all of the rubbish from her craft area. I really tried !!!

Imagine my surprise when, a couple of weeks later, I returned home after a hard days' mischief to be told by Penni that she had brought her new baby home! I'd only been gone a few hours - plus the waistline didn't look much different. Maybe the mood swings ..?

OMG !!!

The 'baby' was another cat - a 15 week old Silver Tabby Maine Coon called Orion:

Now I understand why a cat lover has a doghouse ... I'm well-and-truly in the doghouse now and don't expect to be let loose soon (...for any foreign readers who do not understand the expression 'being in the doghouse', just trust me that it is not a happy place to be). The mood swings are definately still present (...lucky I didn't comment to her about the waistline !!!).

Keep coming back in order to find out how Orion, Erin and Thomas are doing - I'm sure that Penni will keep you all informed.

Until my next outing - Stay Happy !!



Mrs A. said...

Are you sure he is only 15 weeks old? Must me a big lad then as I'm used to persians that are little more than hamster size!!!! Hugs Mrs A.

Di said...

Oh my gosh! I did laugh at this, could figure (smile!) out what was coming!! What an adorable new member of the family - and love the name Orion. Those eyes are stunning :) Di xx

Caroljenks said...

Yipeeeee! I won Penni's rubbish ;)

I'm so pleased Simon that my name popped out to help you in your 'fight of the craftroom'! My hubby will be as chuffed as you would be ;)

Orion is absolutely STUNNING! We have been researching Maine Coons for while now but feel we need to 'wait' until Brad, our Sheepdog, would have more room to hide! Also not sure how our 2 'normal' cats would cope!
I look forward to watching Orion grow (and asking loads of questions along the way!)

I will e-mail you now :)

Thanks again,

Carol x


Oh wow, beautiful kitty! Those colors are amazing!!! AWEEEEE!

Pat N. said...

What a beautiful cat; the eyes are astonishing! Love Maine Coon cats.--Pat N.

Stressed Stamper said...

Ha...well I am sure Pen has lamped you now re:her waist line - I know I would have mine...great posting though - and fab new cat

Marie said...

He is such a cutie!
Adorable colours!
Love n hugs

skylife said...

Well - I think of myself as a "pet" person (love all kind of pets). But as a proud owner of two cats, and a hubby in your situation...I'm so sorry for you...Still - if you can persuade Penni, I'll give you my address and you can send Orion to me, cause he is absolute beauty :-)


Claire said...

AWWW he is so cute... and well done you for helping with sorting the house for his arrival... congrats to carol who receives the rubbish you threw out..hope the dustbin men deliver it

The Paper Princess said...

OMG Penni, you did it - I am SO excited for you - Orion is just GORGEOUS!

I LOVE how he is, in his own calm and self-assured way, already beginning to take over everything you own (your chairs - your scrapping supplies - soon, the table will be his too!)

You simply MUST email me when you have a moment and share ALL of the details! I'm so excited to have someone to talk Coon too!

Have a fabulous weekend (and don't worry Simon - Orion is going to claim the doghouse for his own as well!)


Nannieflash said...

Oh my Penni, it seems Simon must be feeling a bit left house, beautiful new baby, hes so pretty, good luck with him. hugs Shirleyxx

Pinkllilac said...

Now this post had me in stitches, thank you, so so love your new baby, so darn cute awe bless.
Hugs Linda

voodoo vixen said...

Aaaaw, your new furbaby is gorgeous!! He appears to have settled quite nicely and loves to pose... perfect scrappers cat!! Don't know much about Coons but I know he is a stunner and looks like having loads of character!!

KimberleyG said...

Congrats Carol on your win.
Simon, be glad it was just another cat, kiddies are so much more work.
Congrats on your new baby Penni!

Kreativmonster said...

What a sweetie! And what an interesting post ;-)
Penni, please have a look at hte CME-teamblog, I have a question concerning your last post.
Big Hugs

Sue said...

Oh Simon
pmsl at this post, fabulous so made me chuckle, what a gorgeous kitten i can totally see why Penni had to bring him hom, he is gorgeous, hope you have a blanket in that dog house!!! lol, sue,x

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