Friday, 10 December 2010

Winner of my "Guess the Cat Candy"

So, I bet you all want to know what breed of cat Erin is!!!

Well, so many people guessed at Ocicat, but no, she's not an Ocicat !!!

And she's not an Egyptian Mau!!!

She's a Savannah!!!!

Well, nobody guessed 100% correctly, but two people did mention Savannah in their comments, so I am going to send a little candy to you both. 


Please email me your addresses and I'll send you a little something.

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Larisa said...


Elsina said...

What a gorgeous cat!

The Paper Princess said...

Wow, Erin's a Savannah? I actually researched that breed before getting Tsunami and Legend and that didn't even cross my mind!

Now I am REALLY intruiged and can't wait to see and learn more about Erin!

What generation is she by the way?

Ramona :-)