Wednesday, 1 May 2013



Having three cats is a joy for me.  I love them to bits and enjoy watching how they interact with one another.  They all get on well, for which I am really grateful, but there is a definite hierarchy.

Last weekend we invested in a new cat tree.  After looking at quite a few, we decided to go for a large floor to ceiling tower.

Orion was the first to investigate and loved to be right at the top, giving him a great view of what is going on around him !!!

If Erin is at the top, Orion will push her out and take up residency.  However, should Thomas wish to sit at the top, Orion will not push him out and as you can see in the following pictures, he just has to sit and wait until Thomas decides it's time to move on.  Poor Orion, he looks so miserable waiting for his favourite spot, but he knows his place LOL!!!

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