Monday, 14 May 2012

Birthday Boy


We have a special birthday in our house today - Orion is 1 !!!

Here's a photo of him - he's so handsome

And here's a picture of him just after we got him - Look at his gorgeous ruffty tuffy ears, soooo cute !!!!

He's grown so much in the last year and now weighs in at an impressive 25 pounds (about 11 kilos)!!!  He does have a slight problem though - he forgets how big he is!!!!  He loved to go inside my photo tent when he was little ...

and he still loves to climb in now !!!!

I'm not sure how big he will be when he eventually stops growing, which apparently won't be until he is about 4 years old!!!!



skylife said...

And I still continue to be deeply and madly in love with him! He's absolute beauty...ops...hansdom...And now he definitely have the look of a young gentleman!

Happy B-day!

Create With Joy said...

Happy Birthday to you, Big Beautiful Orion - my, how the mighty has grown!!! :-)

I love how you are still trying to squeeze in the tiniest of spaces.

I hope you have the grandest of days (and MANY more to come!)

Ramona, Legend & Tsunami :-)

Jan Hennings said...

All are so handsome :)

Caroljenks said...

OMGness he's 1 wonder he's grown so much in the pic I've just seen today!!!

Carol x